We're excited to announce a successful launch of "Project Four Paws".

Each month, we select a deserving rescue and donate a full-blown, bells and whistles included, website. 

The more involved we've become with animal rescue and advocacy organizations, the more we've noticed a common issue with the websites of these organizations.

Simply put, most of the websites are designed poorly, they're not mobile-friendly and they're not SEO-friendly. The founders of these rescues and advocacy groups spend every cent on the BIG picture stuff - the life and death of animals.

We think these organizations deserve a stunning and fabulously functioning website, as a "Thank you" for their work - and as a leg up to show off all of their accomplishments and even their adoptable pets.

Know of the perfect rescue for a "Project Four Paws" makeover? 

Great! We're accepting applications now for our June slot!

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